The price of cloud computing can skyrocket as you use more storage and resources. Most enterprises don’t know how to reduce these expenses because of the complex provider bills and analytics. Thankfully, effective cloud cost optimization and financial management Cloud Cost Management practices can help you avoid chaos. This article will tell you how to adapt the right cost management framework for private, public, and hybrid cloud services. Read until the end to discover 13 strategies that can help you use your resources more efficiently.

Cloud Cost Management tools gartner

This is all easier said than done in today’s increasingly complex and decentralized enterprise environments. The Flexera 2021 State of Tech Spend report found 57% of respondents faced significant challenges in getting the right data needed to optimize their spending, while a further 22% recognized this as somewhat of a challenge. “These organizations don’t always have vendor management or procurement departments, so whoever is that architect needs to have cloud-management skills as they make that shift from capex to opex . If they don’t have good discipline, they will end up paying more than they need,” Browning said. Here are some of the ways to stop your cloud costs from spiraling out of control.

Select An Appropriate Governance Model

Another of our projects includes proprietary enterprise email migration software for an international technology company. Previously, we created a flexible SaaS communication platform for an enterprise medical vendor. Our in-depth audit identified that the client’s storage had access issues and was generating excessive administrative expenses. For example, you shouldn’t use this strategy for production workloads and services without data persistence because you can lose the data created between sessions.

More than that, you will find real-life examples of how we helped our clients reduce their cloud costs thanks to Acropolium’s 12-year experience working with cloud technologies. Many cloud management platforms provide cost management dashboards that can monitor real-time resource consumption and provide cost modeling and metrics, visibility and control over performance, availability, and capacity utilization. Granular view of cloud usage via interactive cost analytics dashboards and holistic recommendations helps to optimize the cloud cost.

You can develop a scheduling policy and power them down to optimize cloud costs. According to the 2020 Gartner Research, companies who schedule these instances can save up to 70% of their cloud costs. However, you should design your architecture based on the expected usage to minimize spendings. For example, blindly turning off unused instances and applications can disrupt your staff’s workflow.

  • Our in-depth audit identified that the client’s storage had access issues and was generating excessive administrative expenses.
  • Having too many instances or making them too big can cost you significantly in the long term.
  • With Snow Commander, organizations can simplify cloud management by implementing brokered, self-service access to resources that speeds provisioning, boosts agility and integrates seamlessly with your existing tech.
  • In addition, only a small portion of the money customers pay to stay on active maintenance is being reinvested in meaningful system enhancements.

So, how can businesses achieve these advantages with cloud cost reduction? We’ve gathered a devil’s dozen of cloud cost optimization strategies. The pandemic has accelerated cloud usage, creating longer-term challenges for organizations looking to effectively manage their cloud costs.

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So consider using cheaper cloud services to store old data like snapshots and idle applications. Rightsizing involves the ongoing control of the entire cloud infrastructure. In addition to cloud cost reduction, it can improve the general performance of your apps. So, if you’re using a consumption-based cloud billing model, you’ll need to distribute costs between all parties accurately. Now, let’s discuss what strategies are the most effective for cost optimization in cloud computing.

“I believe smaller organizations have an advantage here as they have more clarity into their total user base and they are very centralized, which will help them right-size,” said Gartner analyst Jim Browning. CloudZero is the only solution that enables you to allocate 100% of your spend in hours — so you can align everyone around cost dimensions that matter to your business. You can also get alerts by product, feature, or dev team and send them to team-specific Slack channels, so developers can view and take action on what matters to them. Mel joined USU with over thirty years of experience in corporate strategy and growth.

Cloud Cost Management tools gartner

Now, why is it important to focus on the efficient use of cloud resources? For example, in the 2019 Gartner SaaS Migration Survey, 29% of midsize enterprise respondents reported that between 25% and 49% of the subscriptions with their top three SaaS vendors were currently idle. It’s not unusual to experience an initial shock when the cloud bills start coming in, but you must remember this is a journey with significant gains to be had later on. “Just because you shifted today doesn’t mean you will save dollars today,” said Mindtree’s Lambu. Wherever software is being consumed, there’s a risk that you’re spending significantly more than you need to. Therefore, SaaS optimization sholud be a key focus for Cloud Software Asset Management.

Capabilities Of A Cloud Management Platform

According to the 2021 Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report, responders note that their cloud expenses go over budget by 24% on average. The same report found that most organizations waste about 30% of their cloud resources due to ineffective practices. Hybrid cloud services must be managed in accordance with organization policies. Governance capabilities in Cloud Management Platform enable an administrator to manage critical business processes and automate tasks using defined rules. Major cloud vendors offer native tools to help you classify resources. That’s why companies should add a tagging strategy to track resource spendings across all their projects and accounts.

Gartner published a report where they explained some of the challenges when it comes to cloud cost management and optimization. Acropolium is an experienced technology partner with decades of expertise in cloud computing. Our team carried out over 93 successful cloud migrations and reduced cloud bills for many logistics and transportation, healthcare, and HoReCa companies. Rightsizing means adjusting cloud resources according to the workload demand. When done right, rightsizing is the most effective optimization strategy for public and hybrid clouds. You can use these tools to allocate spendings between your departments and cost centers with chargebacks and showbacks.

Cloud Cost Management tools gartner

The Cloud Management Platform should present a catalog of target cloud environment services available for the organization users. Users will have access to a defined set of services or they can configure it as per the need. On-the-side governance, where departments and specialists can control resource allocation via a native cloud interface according to the governance policies. For example, an entire organization can use only one network connection for accessing cloud services or train from a single e-learning app. These stakeholders should collaborate to determine critical metrics and governance policies for managing cost optimization practices.

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Cloud Usage, Creating Longer

Doing so will improve the spending culture across your organization, which is effective for reducing cloud bills. Companies should recognize cloud spending optimization as an integral part of their workflow. According to Gartner, nearly all legacy workloads that migrated to the public cloud infrastructures require a proper framework to become cost-effective. Does your company experience trouble keeping up with OpenText’s product release schedule? Understand the cloud DBMS landscape, develop a point of view that can be shared among IT professionals, business leaders, and developers from cloud-native startups to large-scale enterprises seeking cloud database management systems. However, you can determine how to split costs for these resources by tagging nested virtual resources instead of the primary services.

Cloud Cost Management tools gartner

This later accounted for an 8.7% decrease in cloud spending in June, as these discounts started to kick in. Arming yourself with data on your consumption patterns can help you land more equitable consumption-based pricing, but you may have to make a longer-term commitment as a result of any negotiation. But for organizations that saw the benefits of cloud services during the pandemic, there will be no going back from this operating model, so a longer-term commitment shouldn’t be all that scary. Software license management tools and processes in place that track and manage those limitations. Doing so ensures that your BYOL cloud usage doesn’t turn into a budget disaster. Development and test workloads typically remain idle only for specific hours or days.

Gartner Best Practices For Cloud Cost Management

Application PaaS are mapped to underlying compute resources, which is why you should monitor them and decommission those you don’t need. Idle compute instances are common in testing environments and have extremely low usage metrics. We recommend creating a unified dictionary and naming conventions for your tags. This will help you promote these tagging practices during the company’s workshops and meetings. CPUs and block storage volumes with higher IOPS will deliver better performance, although at a higher price.

Assess the strengths and cautions of cloud database providers with detailed descriptions for each vendor. Our solution had to transfer a large amount of data between different cloud services and on-premise servers. Monitoring and controlling cloud spend can be overwhelming, considering hundreds of metrics. However, you can free up your team’s time by introducing automation tools that will notify you about the deviations from expected performance . Tagging means attributing resources with metadata that will appear next to each line item in the provider’s bill.

Organizations can customize their tags and apply them to instances and resources on different projects or subscriptions. On top of that, labels don’t create any implications or dependencies on the resources. This was certainly the case for the media giant ViacomCBS, which was able cut Zoom expenditure by 32% this year by finding and removing unused licenses through Zylo.

CloudZero uses machine learning to automate and augment your tagging strategy. Because of this, our customers can get started in hours and days — not months of manual tagging exercises. Cloud Cost Assessment Gauge the health and maturity level of your cost management and optimization efforts. The Cloud Management Platform should support provisioning and de-provisioning of cloud resources.

Snow Commanderis a hybrid cloud management platform that uses automation to provide end users with quick and easy access to both public and private cloud resources. With Snow Commander, organizations can simplify cloud management by implementing brokered, self-service access to resources that speeds provisioning, boosts agility and integrates seamlessly with your existing tech. Scalr is an information technology vendor that offers a management platform for cloud computing. The company targets its cloud management platform at organizations with multi-cloud strategies and aims to give users a single interface to manage multiple cloud environments.

Ways To Bring Your Spiraling Cloud Costs Under Control

Effective resource management goes beyond turning off idle resources. In some cases, traditional solutions can limit your productivity, which will only add to your expenses. Cloud optimization allows you to leave primary instances your staff needs to get things done and disable the unnecessary ones. This will help your engineers focus their efforts on the right software.

Alternatively, you can create multiple copies of a single platform on smaller resource sets, label them, and distribute these sets between departments. Enterprises need to establish a strategic approach to cost management. To achieve this, your organization should gain a comprehensive view of stakeholders, cost centers, applications, and deployed resources. For example, in May 2020, spending on longer term “committed use” discount programs such as reserved instances and AWS Savings Plans increased more than 180%, according to research by cloud-management software vendor CloudHealth.

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