How to Stay Sober from Drugs Reasons to Stay Sober

Content More Time. Questions About Treatment? Is AA The Only Way To Stay Sober? How Can I Get Sober Without AA? The Best Reasons to Stay Sober Sources & Resources: Recovery takes patience, commitment, and dedication. It is an ongoing journey to stay drug-free. You’ve come a long way; don’t let a one-off drink or […]

Depression and Alcoholism: Breaking the Cycle

Contents High Conflict Personality Disorder: Does It Exist? Why is Alcohol Abuse Frequently Linked to Depression? Alcohol use and depression symptoms Medication How to Help Someone With an Eating Disorder Research shows that a lack of light during the winter months contributes to a case of the “winter blues”. Oftentimes, these gloomy moods shift to […]

How Alcohol Affects Your Skin

Content After one day, your skin will still be dehydrated. How Alcohol Affects the Skin Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Wrinkles? Get Treatment Today Include supplements into your diet Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, without adequate water it cannot perform its normal barrier protective function or appear healthy and vibrant. Healthy […]